Saturday, February 27, 2016

Free Adult Coloring Book Page!

Okay boys and girls, I've got your Sunday activity right here! Be prepared to chill out and have fun.  Who could have anticipated the popularity of the adult coloring book craze?  I'm glad people are into it because "coloring" (a.k.a. art making!) is very therapeutic.  I happened upon a proof of one of my blocks while cleaning up my tiny studio.  Looking it over, I thought Well, this would be a good candidate for a coloring book page.  So go ahead and print off a copy, break out those colored pencils, gel pens, and markers. Pour yourself a glass of wine or brew a spot of tea! Relax and let your imagination wander!

On a side note:  I printed a copy off myself and started coloring it in just to use as an example of the potential there is in your coloring.  As usual, I got immersed in it and had to remind myself several times to stop so that the example would look like a work in progress.  Once you get into staining with those rich colors and stippling, it's hard to quit!! Damn this coloring crack!  Anyway, I took a photo below of the supplies I used to start coloring my dragons.  I got it all from your friendly local neighborhood Art Box.

I flipped it over to check out the backside of the paper.  Markers are notorious for their bleed through and companies have even engineered paper and sketchbooks to tackle this specific problem. (The Art Box carries Paris Paper pads by Borden & Riley)  I actually kind of like seeing the bleed.  Someday when I have time out the whazoo, I'd consider doing a piece that works particularly with this quality.  I can see how it would be a bother if you wanted to color both sides of a page though.

Have fun coloring and if you're proud enough of your finished work, send me an email of it and I'll post it up here for all to see!  I think it would be neat to see how people approach the same material.  You're almost always guaranteed to get a diversity of results.  That's the spice of life!

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