Saturday, July 18, 2015

Poppy Pilot Event

This past Pilot Event went really well!  I had planned to make cards that day using a block I had already carved for a previous card.  It's a poppy and I was excited to see how it would print this time.  The original design was to use this image as background while the text quote in the foreground commanded attention.  This time around my design would get center stage!

Here is poppy block looking mysterious and sexy in the moody lighting.

Here is poppy block facing the camera looking fierce. Your a tiger! Okay, lemme stop messing with you guys.

I picked a bright bold color because . . . well. . . come on, it's a poppy!  

Wow! Am I ever glad I went with this color!  It came off so bold, bright, and clear that I was taken by surprise when the first print came out.  As you can see below, the first run of quote cards really put this image on the back burner.  I like the way it came out but I'm glad I did a run with the image by itself too because I put a lot of time into that design!

The white card stock really helped this image too.  The cream colored paper and golden image of the original poppy is very soft and dreamy with the C.S. Lewis quote over it.

Here is a picture of what I embarrassingly call "rat rolls".  I usually try to be pretty fastidious with ink.  It is easy to waste and more often than not people mix up WAY too much of it.  If I have extra left over and I like the color, I will scoop it off onto some plastic and then roll it up like so.  I put them in a drawer and they look like a little pack rat's collection when you come upon them.  They last a surprisingly long time.  I'll definitely be revisiting this color.

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