Saturday, July 21, 2007


Now we're back to where we started. I finally got that damn jig rigged up to pull proofs from and I'm really excited about what came off! I made a bunch of proofs and I'll be carving the color block tomorrow. I want to do two editions of Squiddles so far. The first one I want to be a pink skinned squid with a red key block. Next I want to print the skin the same peachy color as as featured above and then do a key block in charcoaly silver. Yay!

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Seppel Simon said...

Hey Lana,

Just picked up your class flyers at the Artbox. Come check out some more block cutters, letterpress printers, and bookmakers in Charlottesville at the Virginia Arts of the Book Center in the Frank Ix building on Saturday afternoons. And come join our bookmaking block cutting group on Wednesdays at 5pm at Ten Flavors Studios, third floor above Christians Pizza.

We look forward to meeting you!