Wednesday, July 4, 2007

My aching back....

Well, here's a little picture of what the studio looks like now. My sister, her husband, my husband, and two other friends helped me move in this weekend and I'm pooped. Technically, it's been more than a weekend as we packed things up on Saturday, moved studio stuff and both presses on Sunday, came back for a large table and my stereo system on Monday, and I still haven't set everything up by Tuesday. It's a working process. The studio space is wonderful! I've got three large windows, two of which open up to let in a nice breeze. The space is twice as big as my old studio and since it has a cement floor and is in the basement, I have no worries on weight constrictions. I went out and bought a papasan chair at Pier One and I will personally vouch that once you get in it, you won't want to get up.
I don't think it would qualify as a dirty job by some of the ones I've seen on the popular TV show but I was sidetracked unpacking by the Vandercook. I just noticed that the action was a little stiff and no wonder, the teeth on the tracks were caked full of some crap. Now, mind I've never used this machine yet, I've only been able to purchase it and store it due to lack of space. I got in there with WD-40 and loosened up the grime with nylon and brass brushes. It looked like for the most part ink, dirt, and crud that has accumulated over the years. Very nasty!

I'll post more pictures as things progress. Now that I'm in a good studio space, progress will definately happen!!!!!!!!!YAY!!!!!!

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You sound effusively excited in this post. You've got one heck of a space there... great photos. Look at all that light and room, and machinery! Lucky, lucky you.