Sunday, August 16, 2015

A little plein air

I did a little field study at my family's farm property.  There were many wild flowers in bloom and it was a beautiful day.  I took the back road that follows the Rockfish River to get there because it makes you slow down and enjoy the scenery.  The air was thick with the fragrance of passion flower.  The sumac were in bloom and the Queen Anne's Lace was nodding in the pasture.  I stopped to draw a particular specimen that caught my eye.  I did not know that NeoColor water soluable crayons will melt in the sun but now I do!


Emily Hancock said...

That is so beautiful!

Andrew Stone said...

We can't grow carrots (heavy,heavy soils) so I'm always bothered by the blanketing fields of Queen Anne's lace that grow in the same fields about now. I keep looking at them and thinking about drawing one but haven't had the courage.
This is lovely in it's form and I like your chop/signature in the bottom.