Sunday, January 26, 2014

more Gruff work

Itching to get back to painting and illustration, I pulled out my Three Billy Goats Gruff painting.  I miss painting, or I should say I missed painting.  I find I get hung up on wanting to paint an image in my head but stopping short because I haven't sketched it out yet.  

It's funny.  I can approach oil painting and feel comfortable sketching out an underpainting in paint but I don't like to do the same with watercolor.

At any rate, gone are those long stretches of time where one can sit in one place without disruption and sketch out, paint, and complete a piece.  Them days are lost in adulthood.  Perhaps if I was a full time illustrator, but not at this moment in time.

Anyway, as a night owl, my witching hour begins when the sun goes down and that's when a lot of my sketching gets done.  I've learned that there is a certain point in time when my eyes are no longer any good for any color work.  I've heard it called "cold-eye" in the graphic design circles.  All I know is my cones act like total divas.  They go, "To hell with you and to hell with this!  We're done!" If I don't stop there, I end up screwing things up.  I once did a painting that I thought had the most wonderful shades of pink only to wake up the next morning and find an orange painting.

My rods are like old faithful.  They could care less.  They just ask for a cup of tea or two and keep on truck'n.

When working with ox gall liquid, make sure you don't mistake it for your tea.

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