Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A visit from a dragon delayed

In the quiet of the first day of 2013, a small dragon snuffled its way onto my desk whispered that I had forgotten all about him.  I totally denied that accusation and tried to explain that my knives were dull, I have been really busy, and I need to be working on the upcoming pieces I'm going to display in the spring.  Little 2012 dragon was hearing none of that.  So, I got out my protesting knives and got to work on freeing him a little more.

I completed one side and called it quits because I REALLY should sharpen my knives before I cause more damage that is necessary.  BUT, at least one side is done and that is half the battle before I can print and fulfill my 2012 obligation.  
The year of the dragon was a good but rigorous year.  I asked for prosperity and the dragon said, "You sure you can handle that?"  I said I could and holy hell it was a ride.  I got into graphic design classes and learned many things that I had lacked before.  I received an apprenticeship grant for the state of Virginia.  I got a new job.  I made new friends.  I completed woodblock illustrations for what I consider my first "book."  It all came at once and thus my New Years card for the 2012 exchange was put on the back burner.  As the snake slithers in I'm going to spend a little time with my dragon and hopefully soon he'll be one his way to everyone in the mail!

In other news, speaking of abused tools, I'm finally replacing my watercolor brushes.  I have had some of these since grade school.  (OMG!) They've served me well and so I will be donating the old ones to an elementary school for craft projects.  I've been needing a good wash brush for a while and fell in love with the new line of Snap! brushes at the Art Box.  They're economical but surprisingly have a good in-hand weight and the synthetic bristles are smooth and responsive.

Poor old camel hair wash brush has been rode hard and put up wet.  To be sure, there will be more paintings in my future!

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Andrew Stone said...

As I said recently somewhere else, "Dragons aren't known for their punctuality".
Would love to see how your book came out too. The carving looks beautiful.