Saturday, February 13, 2010

Parade of Ghosts

This past friday saw the completion of the last reduction run for the bioluminescent squid. I did not have time to do the anti-squid but he will catch up soon enough. I would like to complete them in their entirety next weekend but I'm not sure they will be dry enough. The above picture is in VABC as I was pulling them off the Vandercook. I let them cure like that for about 8 hours and then came in to take them down to make room for another potential artist to hang. I was thinking about stringing a line of clothespins at home upstairs so that they can cure for a few days in the air. There are a total of 4 reduction layers of ink on there and it must be completely dry before I do the last pass of tintbase with luminescent powder or everything will turn iridescent. Pretty but not the desired effect.

Here is one of the squids hanging to dry. The registration holes are taped to the back with easy remove tape. To make it "easier" I carved the registration pins into the block and once they were finished and I was heavy into carving and printing the reduction work, maybe they did make registration less painful. But they were a pain in the butt to carve. I'll probably begin the Bioluminescent Octopus print and use the regular registration pin jig and with I had hand carved them instead. LOL!


Georgina said...

Excellent print! I love the fine work.

Maurice Fykes III said...

Just saw your wonderful squid print on BAREN. Outstanding job! Your registration system caught my eye and I just wanted to offer you another way to register your prints. I have developed a system which is just about fool proof! A description of my system is located at the bottom of the BAREN post under the 'Blog' section. here is the likk...

Check it out and drop me an email with your comments. I am telling you Lana, you can use my system a billion times over and it's spot on everytime.
You can email me at
God Bless,

Lana Lambert said...

Actually, Garrett of the Virginia Artist Book Center have been discussing these. I will most likely build a jig of sorts to work on the vandercook since mine has no registration system. I notice that you're working with an etching press and unmounted linoleum. Since the vandercook is a letterpress and there is usually enough space under there to be "type high". I will have to use something a little thicker than book board. I have used those pins in screen printing registration and there's nothing better!

d. moll, said...

They look wonderful! and thanks for operating the snapping turtle transport service. Have you ever seen "Minn of the Missisippi ? illustrated by Holling C. Holling?