Sunday, February 14, 2010

Balizoma Prints

This stony faced fellow is another in my trilobite series. His name is Balizoma and I printed him up this afternoon. I carved him one orientation on the block and then decided at the last minute to print him up another way. I hope it will create more interest in the final image when I add in the letterpress.
I got lazy saturday night and ended up paying for it today. I dampened the paper with my misting bottle instead of waiting for my dosa brush to soak. When I went to check the paper before printing it was dishearteningly warm. The was JUST enough water (we're probably talking microns here) to allow for a print run but I was still chasing the paper with misted newsprint and holding my breath when burnishing. Since I print on my desktop upstairs now, the upper part of the house is warm and dry in the winter and just breathing on the paper while printing (when it is this dry) can dry it out. They came out okay in the end but I learned my lesson and will be patient enough to use my dosa brush next time.

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