Sunday, June 22, 2008

Berry Helper

I found this little guy while gathering berries in the morning and let him hitch a ride. Snails don't gross me out as much as slugs do. Slugs are just straight up GROSS! Anyways, I am going to have a Book of Life update soon but I'd like to throw the botanical drawings up on the net first. I've noticed the milkweed and chickory blooming here and have added them to my growing list of local floras to cover on my mail art venture. I'm almost finished (sounds better than "getting sick of") designing patterns with blackberries. Here are two of the better ones I like:

A cane of thorns twines in an infinite loop as berries sprout and flourish the arrangement

I hope, when this finally makes it to print, that this will be reminiscent of old botanical woodblock prints used in herbalist manuscripts.


Sharri said...

Of course, I love the top one! It would work well the way April Vollmer does her square prints - by cutting only one forth of the design and then printing it 4 times. It allows you to use less wood to get a larger print. Escher did it, you can, too!!

Lana Lambert said...

Yeah, that would be great if it were for fine art purposes but as stationery, I'd rather do make ready at the letterpress for one key block and three color blocks instead of registration for 4 key blocks and 12 color blocks. I think I'd shoot myself at 2.50 a card that way. Yeah, definitely shoot myself.

Ellen Shipley said...

Ha! I know that "getting sick of" feeling. ;-]

Love the top berries!