Monday, February 11, 2013

Journal Memory Book

I'm going to be teaching a book class at Creative Framing & The Art Box in Crozet, VA.  We'll be doing a photo album of sorts I call a Journal Memory Book.  Ten 4 x 6 inch photographs will be mounted inside the book with a translucent interleaving.  The interleaving will hold a written account and hovers above the mounted photographs.  The result is a sleek and stylish presentation that still retains the title of handmade.  The added bonus is the handwritten accounts that accompany the photographs.  It will be an object to treasure for years to come and benefit future generations who will wonder,"Who are these people" and "What is that place?" and "What are they doing?"

I chose octopus paper for my book.  I don't know why I love those squiggly wigglies so much!  Ah, cephalopod love!  My photographs are from my undergraduate years at the Corcoran College of Art and design.  Art school is a colorful experience so the bright paper seemed appropriate.  My school's colors are also chartreuse and wine, so my inner papers and binding ribbon are a nod to that.

The writing floats above my photos and my book opens nicely.  There are no ring binders to contend with or screw posts to fiddle around.

It is also designed to rest flat and not bow under the thickness of the added photos.  It has room so that the photographic emulsion is not constantly mashed against the translucent interleaving.

It's even pretty when it's hanging out on the table!

Though the book has a horizontal orientation, I have put vertical oriented photographs in it as well.

Check out Creative Framing & The Art Box Crozet for more information on the class!

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