Thursday, November 11, 2010

Raucous Auction Tomorrow!

Tomorrow afternoon is the Virginia Artist Book Center's annual fundraiser "Raucous Auction"!   Check out the official link:
Virginia Artist Book Center
It's a good opportunity to celebrate our new space and settle in as we shake the dust off our shoulders.  From 5:30-8:00pm a good time will be had by all and we'll try to raise some funds to keep our our type clean and presses moving!  The above poster was printed on the VABC Vandercook with wood and lead type that is part of the collection.  Ain't printmaking grand?

Here's a shot of the moving guys getting the VABC's C&P Job Press into the new space. At first I thought it was my press because I saw the characteristic inking disk at the top. (It looks like a big silver dinner plate.) But then I saw the network of metal feet at the bottom and realized it was my press' big brother instead. These things weigh a lot and are really hard to maneuver. Shake it don't break it boys. . .

And here's little ol' me at the Crozet Meadows "Fall Display of the Arts" last Saturday. I met a lot of really nice people and it really was a beautiful day for it. Charlie Tucei took this picture and headed up a lot of the effort behind the showing. He's got a great portfolio of photos and had a display of his photography. I really like the colors in my display. Maybe the pink flowers on my flour sack table clothes were a bit much but I'm a sucker for that type of stuff.

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