Sunday, April 5, 2009

Limulus emerging

Well, I am very much excited to have finished the DNA border on my Limulus print. I started this print in January and here spring is to usher me on to the final stages of this block! Today I cleared out much of the surrounding wood from the border and carved the perimeter of the Limulus' shell. You can see the myriad of wood used to construct this piece of plywood and each piece has been a pain in my ass. None the less they were each one a lesson learned. I'm going to be carving out the Limulus itself on Tuesday and I'm a bit nervous about that. The border was hard because there was so much detail and repetition that is was more of an exercise in endurance than anything else. The horseshoe crab I want to approach just right so that the intricate border is complimented by a skillfully executed subject. I will be referencing woodblock artists who have carved dark pieces but still conveyed depth. The border is mostly lines with some solid shapes but the horseshoe crab will be mostly solid shape with white lines conveying depth. Like I said.... I'm nervous!
Those two lung shaped pieces on either side of the Limulus' tail will stay. I am leaving those large pieces in to help support the damp paper when I go to print. I am hoping that this will also registration as the paper won't sag out of register as much with those extra supports. I have had the experience that when leaving such pieces, an errant pressure from the baren will leave a tell tale mark from the edge. I have gone over the edges with a sanding block so that the supports will hopefully not print up.
Finally, the block was christened today when I drove my shallow u-gouge into a cranky spot and busted a knuckle. You know a print will turn out good if it draws blood.


Daniel L. Dew said...

LOL, how true, how true.
What are the dimensions of the overall print? The work looks great by the way.

Annie B said...

You make me laugh, too. Blood + sweat + tears definitely make a good print, but sometimes the key ingredient is endurance! Those voids in the underlayers of plywood are deadly. Great job on that intricate border.

Lana Lambert said...

Hmmm... it's about 42" X 23"
I have no idea how I'm going to manage a sheet of damp paper that big!

d. moll, said...

Ouch, I haven't cut myself yet........Looking good!

Limulus demands a blood scarifice; it has been given; all will go well with the skillful carving required on Tuesday.