Monday, March 24, 2008

Chocolate Pages

I printed page images on one side of paper last week and now, this past saturday, I printed the same thing on the other side of the pages. When they are folded and trimmed into signatures for binding, they will read like a journal. I have to carve one more block with a title page and an ending image to finish off the text block. It will be tricky printing those as printing them for hard bound books as well as pamphlet stitch books will be two different processes. I've gotten this far so I guess I'm up for the challenge. After all that, I will carve an image plate for the front of the book and whip those out on my C&P Pilot on some pink paper. I've already sanded the book covers for 10 books so I'm really excited to see what my end result will finally look like. I know I still have a lot of work ahead of me but starting is always the hardest!
In other news, I got a show at the McGuffey Art Center in Charlottesville VA on July 2009 so consider yourselves warned! More on that later as I'm am bursting at the seams to tell you that it will be an interactive process on this blog. The resulting works will hopefully reflect the feedback I get throughout my posts and there will even be a constest!
I'm still jogging every day to every other day and am looking forward to reaping the benefits. This is the beginning of week three! I wished I had my camera as yesterday my husband and I caught a dog fight as we were coming back from our jog. We were on our way up the driveway when a murder of crows began cackling and jeering. We looked up to see a red tailed hawk being chased by the crows over our heads. Once they got past our fence line, most of the crows doubled back to our property but two were still in hot persuit. It was entertaining to watch as the hawk clearly had the advantage of tight manuevering in the sky. The crows dove and scratched but always missed. I think he was toying with them. I'm sure exchanges like this will become more common as recently our rabbits have been popping up and the crows do not want to share their territory. We had so many rabbits last year that there were 5 hawks in the tree near our house. So much for my garden......


cpierson said...


Hello, from a fellow Vandy owner and Barener ~
Your chocolate pages look wonderful! What are the plans for the wood covers? Will you be carving a design into them also?
Congrats on your show at the art center! I can't wait to see the blog interactiveness you wrote about. I also love your Fairy Tail print for our exchange 35. It is a beauty.~
I enjoyed hearing about the dogfight. I've noticed hawks seem to put up with quite a bit of pestering from smaller birds.
I envy you your rabbits. We have lost virtually all of our small forms of wildlife; cottontails, chipmunks, squirrels, some bats, a few skinks (beautiful little lizard with a brilliant blue tail and who knows how many quail and field mice, due to one rather small black and white cat. Our beloved Phoebe. Even the magpies are gone from our property. They have left a tree they nested in for many years. After they left, Phoebe took up sleeping in their nests. It is funny to see this black & white cat in a magpie nest.(A print design has just been born!) She is brutal on the critters. But we miss them so we have decided she will be the last stray country cat we fall in love with. She has done real well out here in coyote territory though, 6-7 years so far. I do worry about her becoming hawk or owl food too, but she is a wily one.

Cheers ~

Anonymous said...

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