Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Kirin in progress

How much wood can a block carver chuck if a block carver chucks wood all night?
I just love my little laughing Kirin! He makes me smile! I decided to pull a series of prints in black from the key block even though I'm still carving color blocks. I really enjoy the graphic quality of his lines and love his little tongue sticking out from his mustache. I may start a series of Kirins, who knows.
Here is an image of the key block and the scale block together. I enjoyed the sketch of Kirin's body so much that I didn't want to overlap it with real scales so I carved a scale block to go over his contours much in the way a dappled horse would look. The scales are meant to mimic a pattern of coat markings instead of the actual thing. I just pulled prints for 3 more blocks including his mane and tail, his horn and hooves, and a gradation block for his body. A fellow carver, Josef Beery, saw what I was doing and asked if I was going to mix metallic pigment in for the scales and I groaned because now I want to carve another block of dappling in the middle of each scale to dust with a metallic, agh! We'll see if it happens. Anyways, I was thinking of a wine and chartruese colouring for my kirin. What does anyone else think?

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Anonymous said...

I love your kirin! I think wine and chartreuse would be very handsome on him.