Sunday, May 13, 2007

Zinc Bottles and Antique shopping

Ha, ha!! The Zincy Goodness is not done yet! Okay, as I niddle my way outwards, you can see that it's an old medicine bottle. I've got more to do but I enjoy how the glass came out. Also, my signiture has been carved into the cork in the top of the bottle. I had a lot of fun wittling out all the little reflections in the glass.
Yesterday, my sister and I took mom out for early mother's day. We stopped into an antique store and wandered for a good couple of hours. I found an old spring loaded paper roller with tear bar for 20.00 and it just so happens that I need one for newsprint rolls. Score! I also found a huge spool of cotton twine like we used to keep in our old general store for 3.00. That will come in handy for tying up type forms and pamphlet bindings. I love shopping.

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Shel/Nate/Anipals said...

Wow, it looks fantastic!