Tuesday, October 16, 2007


This is what I did all day on monday (which is not saying too terrible much). I was wiped out and didn't get up till 11:45am. Monday is my only day off and even then I do art! Thusly, I contend that for a true artist, art making is not a past-time but a bodily function. Anyways, this was on my to-do list as christmas is knocking on my door telling me to finish my christmas cards and get them out on the shelves. I can't do that until I get my etsy store and email stamped on every last one. I can't do that until I get a custom stamp and I can't do that until I finish a logo. And there you have it. The rubber stamp is currently in route to my house! Yay!
Anyways, I wanted to come up with an image that embodied a few things. Thing number one of course is Pistoles. You can catch that explanation in the post labeled "Ride 'M Ferret." Thing number two is relief printing which is illustrated in bucking C&P. Thing number three is the joy of printmaking exuded my a printing troupe from Tennessee called "Yeehaw Press." They came and did a demo at the Corcoran for the Southern Graphics Council meeting a few years back and those people rocked. Their love of printing and joy in the process as well as wild outfits and attitudes was infectious! I initially had the ferret weilding a cowboy hat and gunbelt slung with ink knives and a tube of ink but I abandoned that idea. I think the image still reads well without it.


Andy English said...

This image was a great way to start my morning; I love the bucking Chandler & Price! Even though it is sometimes difficult to drag myself into the studio and pick up the next job, I still feel like this ferrett somedays! Yeehaw indeed!

Annie B said...

An excellent, riotous, joyous image that says so much about why a person would drag herself into her studio on her only day off and go at it. I love it!

Pistoles Press said...

Yay! That's what I'm talking about. Everybody get up on it and make those prints!