Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Kirin goes to class...

In participating in the Beastiary class at UVA, the students were instructed to fill a newsprint pamphlet with sketches of fantastical beasts that they were inspired by or created.
Here is a two page spread that I drew of a Kirin and a Centaur. That yellow thingie in the middle is the thread that holds the binding together. I much enjoyed drawing both characters but delighted in the Kirin as his pose is very whimsical.
In later postings, you may see an image of my own personal beast by the name of Harvey. Harvey has a mouth full of canines and my mother used to shutter everytime I drew him. "Why don't you draw something happy or flowers or something?" I never felt as if drawing a bovine with fangs was unhappy but I can see her concern. Anyway, I love this image in that the Kirin's fangs are visible but his body language and expression are that of joy and excitement. I have come to love witnessing and expressing "ancient happiness" through my art as I settle into my aging process. When I refer to "ancient happiness" you can reference images past civilizations in their expression of joy. Examples that have enspired me are Ancient Egyptian artifacts of vases, pots, and sculpture of animals with their tongues out. An animal with its tongue out is supposed to represent playfulness and whimsy. Also relevant to the time period is the god Bes. Before it was fashionable to carve an s-figured statue into marble with a stoic gaze, Minoan statues smiled pleasantly back at you. Fu Dogs roll and laugh with a ball as an obese Bhudda laughs.
I have strayed from the subject.....I plucked my Kirin out as the image I will use to demonstrate how to practice Moku Hanga. I will have more updates on this as I go along!

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