Sunday, October 7, 2007

Dragons are difficult to print....

They chew on your rollers and lick up all your ink. I'm STILL working on my dragon book. Whose idea was it to print two separate paragraphs of type on each page in two seperate colors AND have block images!!! Hopefully, I'll get my shipment of Soysolv II in by friday so I can keep going. I ran out after 2 years which is saying alot. I got 4 bottles of the stuff then. It's biodegradable and cleans my rollers up well. I tried Simple Green and it was horrible. It left ink residue everywhere. The ink that I could clean off with paper towels would be similar to what I could scrape off by hand anyway so there's no way I can plug on with just Simple Green. Lithotine is the cleaner of choice for most printmakers but disposing of the chemicals is a pain in the butt and the HazMat fee is an extra 20.00 that I don't have. The good news is that I only have one more page of major text to print and then I just have to print the title page and colophon and a few other things. Then we get on to binding.....LOL, this book will be nice when it's finally done but it sure is labor intensive. Such is the love of typesetters, blockcutters, and bookbinders everywhere.

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