Monday, October 22, 2007

Ah, money....

Well, I've been sick the past couple of days and therefore rendered useless for a time. This is an old image that I did when I was attending the Corcoran. They have an event every christmas called "Off the Walls" where students can purchase a table and sell their work for some christmas cash. I like the idea because it gives students a taste of selling and dealing with customers (if you were lucky enough not to have to wait tables and the like). They would have a constest for a postcard design and this was mine. I lost but no big deal. I now have this nice image.
Point is I'm chewing my nails now over christmas stock. I've got to get the lead out and produce those christmas cards!!! I'm excited as I'm nearing the end of my Dragon Book and am awaiting the arrival of book board and 50 bone clasps in the mail. I still haven't made a decision as far as bookcloth or cover paper, argh!! I'm also hoping to have another tree cut book so maybe that will be the subject material for the next month. Who knows?

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