Sunday, October 14, 2007

Kirin Proof

Yay! I've got no complaints! That one scuff on the shoulder is from me inadvertantly tapping the paper on the block as I was showing my student how to pull proofs. Actually, I'd like to experiment more with scuffing and different texture. I wish I new the artist's name....I saw a printer's work from Japan who did prints of everyday people and his family all in textural value and it was amazing! I was like he knew how to scuff an area to resemble the countour of a nose or cheek in one stroke. Anyways, I used a few scraps of mulberry to print this up and I'm glad with the results. You'll notice my Kirin has no scales. I was going to add them in the sketch but I enjoyed his contours so I am going to give him a dappled coat to resemble scales in my color bock. Any votes as to what color he should be?

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