Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Shameless Self Promotion

They're here! There here! My holiday cards are finally coming out of production! *Whew* Okay, maybe not clinically, but I think I might be crazy. Definately obsessive. You can read about the process and a little history behind these cards on my Etsy site (link at top of my profile) but the little glass "candies" were something else. In my wisdom, I thought that I could dab white glue straight from the bottle onto those teeny buttons. Yeah, didn't happen. The slightest pressure oozed out way too much so I found a solution through obsessive compulsion. I sat down with a straw I broke from my broom and a sake cup full of white glue and dotted them one by one. I made two passes (one for pink and one for silver) and was successful that way. I think now I shall take a nap!

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