Monday, February 4, 2008

Rough Seas

This is the key block image for a four color set I did with fellow NAPA member Bill Boys. I hope he enjoys them! I sent them out in the mail today. NAPA stands for National Amatuer Press Association and I get a mailing once a month of flyers and chapbooks that people have composed for distribution. One of these days, yours truly will find the time to make some too!


Ellen Shipley said...

This is really dynamic. What does the color version look like?

Diane Cutter said...

What a stunning piece. Just by itself, without the colors, it works very well. I'm looking forward to seeing the colorful version.

Pistoles Press said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the color version too! Since my carving of the blocks was latent, I pulled the proof of the key block and ran off the key onto the color blocks, ripped them out and sent them on their way because I didn't have the time to pull a full color proof for myself! Hopefully, Bill will use them in the months to come and I'll have a full color version to show everyone! Weeee!