Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Kirin's Clothes

Here are the different color blocks for the final Kirin print. I had to sharpen my knives halfway into them. It was a long time in coming anyways. I hope and pray to god that I carved the kentos accurately. I've learned to give my brush a wide birth in cutting out room around the printed area because I can get a little spread out at times. I think I might want to carve one more block for adding luminescent dots in the middle of the scales if I can find an interference dusting powder to suit my tastes!


Annie B said...

These blocks are looking good! Do I see some cherry plywood there?

Pistoles Press said...

Oh, there is a mix of everything in there! I think the scales block is cherry plywood. I'm lucky enough to have a brother in-law in the furniture business and he saves all of his scrap lumber for me. ( I am mucho thankful!) So there is alot of different stuff in the mix!