Friday, July 24, 2015

The Happy Heifer

I posted a teaser about this little lady earlier.  Heifer's just like to have fun! As foretold, she likes to dance so hard her earrings jingle and the wine flies out of her glass. I really enjoyed carving the texture of her fur and her intricately beaded dress. She's a festive reminder that sometimes you just have to cut loose, put on your best flapper dress, and dance like you mean it!

I really explored a couple of poses with little heifer before deciding on one.  She kind of has the skinny cow look going on.  Someone actually mistook her for a deer.  In my head I went, "Uh,oh." but then I shrugged it off.  I kind of went back and forth as to wether or not I should give her udders.  First, those things would be flapping all over the place in that dress (yeehaw!) and second if she's a heifer, she's not going to have huge mondo knockers anyway.  Take the lovely examples from the Avonteur livestock people:

Above is an example of a Jersey Heifer.

Above is an example of a Jersey Cow.  
Good lord, woman! How do you walk around with those things!
At any rate, I didn't want her udders to be the focus of attention.  (Hello, my eyes are up here!) I felt like it would read as typical clumsy cow image and that's not what I was going for.  I was interested in how her earrings seemed natural.  They probably read the same as those plastic tags you see in their ears.

She printed up rather nicely and I enjoy the detail of her fur and her beaded dress.  I like that she's a lighter brighter character against the dark angus bull.  Who doesn't like a saucy little bovine willing to cut a rug?

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Emily Hancock said...

Awesome. Love your hand-carved lettering, too!