Sunday, December 5, 2010

Exchange #47 Spoiler Alert!

I'm killing two birds with this stone. I have a river themed show in April and also this exchange due so I thought I would combine the two. In my river themed show, I want to attempt to glorify our local Chesapeake Watershed/Appalachian flora and fauna to the extent that the Arts and Crafts printers glorified European and Medieval themes. I knew I wanted to do a print of a crayfish but wasn't exactly sure of how it would translate. This end sketch isn't exactly the vision I initially had but I can always sketch more. For now, I think this is lovely little arrangement. When I first began sketching I rendered numerous crayfish atop rocks in a creek with their claws raised in the air. I sat back and the image seemed idiotic to me. Having played in creeks I knew they usually hid under rocks and were loners. This final arrangement seems to do more justice to the truth than anything else. I wouldn't mind a quiet sunny afternoon under a stone with the water softly rushing by as I flicked my antennae back and forth. I intend to have a broken border to add some interest and am hoping to include some bokashi and maybe other surimono techniques. We'll see. For now this is a good start.

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