Sunday, July 6, 2008

Some observations of my own...

The last post appears rather backwards in the cue at the moment. I started working on it while the ideas were fresh in my head and saved it as a draft. Consequently, it posted as the day I started the draft and not the day I finished it. Oh well, anyway, just a little personal information that some of you may rather not know but I'm hoping that this may inspire others or that maybe someone else can relate to my situation and use it as a tool.
I'm currently wrestling with some concepts for my book of life and one of them is the concept of Solar Maximum and Solar Minimum. The sun goes through a cycle that follows an 11 year track. Over the course of 11 years, the sun goes from fairly "stable" in it's energy output to violently explosive with solar flares and sun spots popping up all over it's surface. See my previous post entitled Book of Life Update for a more in depth discussion. Ultimately, the cause for the violent sunspots is the fact that the equator of the sun rotates faster than the poles and the magnetic fields covering the surface of the sun get warped and torqued and finally snap into a tangle of outbursts.
I have always been heavy since my sister and I were little and we looked like the number 10! I lost 30lbs. when I was 20 by jogging and basically not eating. Fast forward to today....8 years later and I have gained back and more. It didn't bother me because I am tall and wore it well in my opinion. I "didn't have time to jog" after I took a job as a medical center receptionist to pay the student loans and even though I enjoyed working in restaurants, I HATED working at the medical center. Anything and everything people said to me pissed me off. Then one day it happened. I was sitting at the desk taking crap from a patient and the room suddenly got flushed with heat. My face turned red and I started to sweat and my heart began to beat as if I was doing my jogging routine. A quick medical examination revealed that I had run away blood pressure. That was about a year ago and I have recently gotten back into my jogging. I've lost 15 pounds that way and my blood pressure has leveled with the help of medicine that I can't wait to be off of.
The point is, in my situation, I have adopted the 11 year sun cycle as an example to learn by. If I'm in a situation I hate and I don't look after myself, my body will wind itself up and look for a way to deal with my inactivity and extra stress much like the sun does during solar max. Everything bursts out everywhere in a seething explosion. Jogging wears me out and counters stress so that nothing much gets to me much like the tranquility experienced during solar minimum. Unlike the sun, I am shrinking the more I jog :) !
How does this relate to printmaking? Let it always be practiced that on your travels during a project, you should always keep your eyes open for lesson to learn and that nature is always an open book to those who choose to read it.

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