Monday, September 3, 2007

Salsa the Octopus

So, here is the long awaited end to my friend the octopus which I started upon opening this blog. I went through a period of picking around the painting off and on for a while. It's been months since I last worked on it but last night I just felt the urge to pull it out and work a little and before I knew it, tah-dah! I think I finished it at about 1:00AM. I've already picked out a frame for it that is gold and intricate so that it will have a sort of museum quality feel. I'm stuck on the mat so far. I'm glad to see it done and it was a real treat to work on. The detail work was like piecing together an intricate jigsaw puzzle. I wanted the end effect to be that of an illuminated manuscript illustration or a story panel from the ottoman period; sparkling with rich detail. I don't know if the scan shows this well enough but I lined each sucker with a grass green mica ink I found at the local art store. Somehow, "Salsa the Octopus" sounds stupid for the gravity I want the work to hold but that's the only thing that pops into my mind at the moment. I'm open for suggestion!

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Seppel Simon said...

Lana, love your octopus! I traveled to DC just to see an octopus last year. It had been written up in the Washington Post. It lives at the National Aquarium, a gem of place hidden in the basement of the Department of Commerce. I have sent some photos to you via email (since I can't figure out how to attach them to this note). Best, Josef.