Thursday, April 19, 2007

A New Home!

I'm way excited (and pooped) as there have been some recent events that put good stress in my life. I'm so glad I found my lost cat but I'm still worried for her as she is so skinny! Hopefully, the loads of food and cream shoved at her will work.
Also, this past Tuesday, I got a studio at the McGuffey Art Center!!!! This means that I can finally have a working studio and that I can start teaching classes. The above photo is of my Chandler and Price Pilot Press that I acquired in Niagara Falls. Thus far it is the work horse of my studio as I have no room for my Vandercook. The poor Vandy is in various areas. The roller is in my dining room. The bed and bench is in my garden shed. I'm real excited to reassemble it and start cranking on some larger pieces! Unfortunately, the move is not going to happen until around July but boy, do I have something to look forward to!

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Paul said...


I am compiling a census of Vandercook presses I'd very much like to know the model and serial numbers if it has a press inspector's name stamped into it.

Thanks for your time and effort,

Paul Moxon